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Ballet Dancers

Glenn Watts

Vocalist, Musician, Emcee, Dance Instructor / Choreographer, Actor, Modern Square Dance Caller



Performing Arts are part of our hearts and souls.

Glenn Watts has been inbvolved in the performing arts for more than 40 years. He is a dancer, a dance instructor, a choreographer, an entertainer, a vocalist,  a musician, an actor, a sound engineer, and a behind the scenes entertainment facilitator. Glenn has more than 4 decades of experience in the entertainment industry.

Experience / History

Modern Square Dancing /  Choreographed Ballroom Dancing (Round Dancing) / Line Dancing:

Glenn Watts has been a Modern Square Dance Caller / Teacher / Choreographer since 1980. He is experienced in dancing / teaching beginners, mainstream dancers, plus dancers and advanced dancers. Glenn Watts, over the years, has called for many Square Dance Clubs and is the current caller / teacher for the Queens And Jacks Square Dance Club, in Calgary, Alberta, for whom he has been teaching for more than a decade.


Glenn Watts is also trained as Choreographed Ballroom / Latin Dance Instructor and was a teacher at Calgary's Studio One School Of Dance. This goes hand in hand with Modern Square Dancing because Choreographed Ballroom Dancing (Round Dancing) forms an intricate part of the Modern Square Dance Movement.

Glenn Watts has also taught line dancing and has facilitated large crowd participation sessions for many groups, including the Calgary Exhibition And Stampede.

In his youth, Glenn Watts was also a performer with the Young Canadians Of the Calgary Stampede.

Vocalist / Musician:

Glenn Watts has been a Professional Musician / Vocalist and Recording Artist. He has been a professional drummer but also has experience with a number of other instruments (guitar, bass guitar, violin, trumpet, piano / keyboard, bagpipes) as well. He has been a founding member of a number of bands including "The Smoking Aces Blues Band" and "Alive!! In The Valley", to name just a couple.

Glenn Watts is a fully trained, certificated and experienced Sound Engineer and graduated from "The Columbia Academy Of Radio Television & Recording Arts in 1989".  He is accomplished at running sound for both public events (large and small) and in the Recording Studio. Glenn Watts' current affiliation is with the music production company / recording studio, Watts Media Productions.


Since his teenage years, Glenn Watts has been involved in theater and stage. Not only as a vocalist and dancer, with groups such as the "Young Canadians Of The Calgary Stampede", but as an accomplished actor.

He was part of the cast for Calmus Theater Project's production of "The Sound Of Music"

He played the role of "The Stewart" in the "Off Broadway" version of "Anything Goes".

In recent years he has played the roles of "Scrooge" in the stage version of "A Christmas Carol"

and the role of Clarence in the stage version of "It's a Wonderful Life". 


Glenn Watts has been an emcee for many small and large events. He has been an emcee for many government and private events of all sizes.


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